Welcome to Our Blue Board.
I am @the.unexpected.explorer and this is my blog.

What you see on the blue board are not stories of success. 
What you see are stories of failure. 

They are the stories of struggle.
They are the stories of real people.

They are the unknown stories of people around you. 
They are the untold stories of people next to you. 

They are the stories of emotions. 
They are the bold truths of the reality.

For it's not just the story of a million in one billionaire,
but our story that matters.

Brighton Pier
Limehouse, London
King's Park, Islington
Windermere Lake, Lake District
Limehouse, London
Westminster, London
Visakhapatnam, India
Giant Mushroom, Christmas Celebration, Liverpool
John Hulley, founder of Olympics, in Liverpool
Screenshot 2021-06-11 at 20.40.49.png

Why the birds?
I hear you ask...

When the birds sing, 
the sky listens with it's heart,
the silent river smiles with joy, 
the valleys compose a symphony that rhymes, 
the trees performed for their beloved,
the sun shines as though it is in love,
the moon captures the moment,
the society pauses posing riddles, 
For there is no greater sound,
than the voice of birds. 
And when the birds sing, 
this human pens down its brilliance. 
On this Blue Board.